School Uniforms and Dress Code

When PCIS began with only four students, concerns about dress code and uniforms did not even come up, but the school has grown and the topic has come up a few times.  I have read research about the effects of school uniforms on academic achievement and learning. None cite any academic advantages to uniforms and I would argue that comfort will more likely lead to more efficient learning than discomfort.  There are some that argue that school uniforms offer social benefits by eliminating gang affiliation, violence, and bullying but those are not issues we face at PCIS.  Some claim that uniforms instill a sense of community, but we are already overflowing with a sense of community! I agree with the experts that argue that the value of student self expression and self determination outweighs the need for conformity and that later in life they will not likely have uniforms in their job and will need to learn how to dress appropriately.

Dressing appropriately, is a life skills that must be developed.  Most employers offer dress codes, some very specific and others more vague.  The PCIS dress code must reflect the cultures represented in the school as well as the wide age range.  Toward this end, the PCIS dress code is currently:

  • No clothing with words or images that promote inappropriate activities including profanity, sex, violence or drugs 
  • No clothing with words or images that promote discrimination of any kind
  • No hats with brims over the face in class
  • No clothing that can pose a distraction in class
  • No clothing that is unsafe

Teachers are very busy teaching, so we ask parents to enforce these guidelines so that we do not have to interrupt instructions to deal with infractions. 

For more, see the links about uniforms/dress code on our links page.

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