Rock 'n Roll

By now you are likely to see a pattern in the content of my blog posts. A lot of thought and research has gone into the design of the PCIS curriculum and methodologies. But some of the wonderful aspects of PCIS arrived as unexpected gifts.  One of these amazing gifts is Mr. Daniel's music program.

Music is a subject I feel ill-equipped to teach yet one that I value greatly.  Just as I was becoming concerned about how to approach music instruction, I received an email from a former music teacher that had recently retired to the area wondering if I might have a position for him. Of course, the answer was yes! 

My experience in schools with music programs included a lot of listening to music, singing, learning to read musical notation and playing percussion instruments. But, that was not what Daniel had in mind.  He proposed buying electronic keyboards, guitars and drum sets and having students play classic rock-and-roll tunes.  I was not sure that fit into my idea of what an educational music program should be, but agreed to give it a try.

After implementing his program at PCIS over the past several years, I can see the wonderful benefits to this performance approach.  All PCIS students feel confident that they are real musicians.  Students that would have never chosen to participate in "band class" (which is optional in most US schools after Grade 3), have found that they enjoy making music.  Some students found talents that they did not know they had.  Playing in a band builds a sense of community and commitment not found in some other school activities.  Being a member of a band requires students to understand how their music fits into the whole which is a skill that private music lessons cannot develop.  And students feel successful!

The program has incorporated other elements of music instruction like learning to read and write music, musical concepts, and appreciating different genres.  But when you sit in the audience at any of our concerts, it is the performance that amazes you.  As the school principal and as the parent of a real musician, I am so proud of the PCIS music program. Take a look at our video page to see for yourself!

I am grateful for the unexpected gifts; Thank you, Daniel!

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