My First Blog

Welcome to my first blog!  Those of you that know me know that I have a lot to say about education in general and about PCIS specifically, but often not enough time to say it!  Those of you that do not know me, let me introduce myself...

I am the founder of the Panama Coast International School (PCIS) and currently act as the director/principal, teacher, bookkeeper and janitor! The school recently completed its fifth successful year.

I was born and raised in California and graduated from UCLA with a BA degree in Latin American History and another in Education. I hold teaching credentials with bilingual endorsements from three US states and after earning my Masters Degree in the Supervision and Administration of Overseas and International Schools, I received an administrative credential. But these degrees and credentials do not define me as a teacher; they simply acknowledge my studies.  It is my immense desire to make each classroom an amazing place to learn that drives me and defines me.

I have been a teacher for nearly thirty years and have taught everything from preschool through graduate-level university.  I have taught in inner-city LA, Oregon, rural Colorado, Spain, Japan, China and now Panama.  After each school year I reflect back upon the year and each year have determined that it was by far my favorite year of teaching!  How can every year be my favorite? I believe it is because every year I learn something new that I can implement in the classroom and throughout the school to improve the educational lives of my students. The exciting thing is that there are still more years to come which will, following this pattern, be even better! 

So far I have learned a lot about how people learn and how educators should optimize that process.  The purpose of this blog is to express those ideas, one at a time, to you: my students, fellow educators, parents and community.  At the end, if there is an end, you will be able to see how all these ideas are combined in one amazing learning place called Panama Coast International School!

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