Four-Day Week

Choosing a four-day school week was not a rash decision at PCIS, but rather a calculated one based on educational research and the unique environment that is our school.  We selected the four-day week for several reasons.

Students and teachers are much less likely to be absent during a four-day week as they are better rested and can accomplish personal tasks on Fridays.  At PCIS teachers and student attendance is higher than the average in local and foreign schools! This is especially important where we have no substitute teachers.

Research has show that the level of academic acheivement in the many US schools that implement the four-day week is at least equal to five-day-week schools, and is sometimes greater.

Teacher planning and training are more effective when they take place on Fridays in a continuous session rather than broken up into smaller sessions. 

Students can take advantage of non-school learning opportunities like sports, language and cultural experiences with a more flexible weekend.

Dropout rates are lower in schools with four-day weeks.

While I do not like to allow budget concerns to weigh in on educational decisions, it has always been important to offer all families in the area an affordable education for their children.  The overhead costs of running the school only four days each week are 20% lower which means that we can keep tuition low.

At PCIS, we are committed to a four-day school week as long as all of these factors hold true. 

For more, see the links about the four-day week on our links page.

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