Asking Your Children About Their Artwork

You are proud of what your children produced in the amazing art program at PCIS, but you don't know what to say about it!  You know better than to ask, "What is it?" and you learned not to judge it.  But you want to respond when they proudly show it to you.  I found these great questions online: 

1. What can you tell me about your piece?

2. What materials did you use?

3. Where did you get your idea?

4. What is your favorite part of the piece?

5. What title would you give this piece?

6. If you were doing this picture again what you change or do differently?

7. Why did you use the color… (insert color)?

8. What if…. (you had used the color red instead of blue or paint instead of pencil)?

9.  How did you….(make these lines, decide on these colors, or create that shape)?

10. If you had more time would you add to your artwork?

You could even write down their responses and attach them to the back/bottom of the piece.  

Kids love to see their artwork displayed anywhere: the refrigerator, the livingroom, the internet!  We try to photograph as many of the pieces at school.  Why not make it your summer project to make a movie or PowerPoint of the photos/scans of their artwork and comments?  Even better, put your children on the task!  Starting in High School, PCIS students are required to document their achievements on a website so the photos are a must!

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