Physical Education

Physical Education

At PCIS, all students participate in our physical-education (PE) program. We encourage a healthy lifestyle including regular physical activity at school and at home. Toward this end, we subscribe to the President's Challenge Program. This year we will be implementing the program throughout the year.

We try to take advantage of local talent in our PE program.  We have had the privilege of including

  • swimming
  • circuit training
  • water polo
  • yoga
  • stepping
  • krav-maga self defense

and hope to include even more this year.  These are excellent opportunities for students to try new activities and to fulfill their commitment to fitness.


During the month of September all PCIS students will attend yoga classes with Ms. Kara.  The benefits of yoga for children are many; it...

  • builds both strength and agility
  • develops increased focus and concentration
  • increases self esteem
  • teaches relaxation and stress management
  • sparks creativity
  • creates body awareness
  • demonstrates discipline

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