High School

Welcome to the PCIS High School

At PCIS, we are very proud of our high-school program.  In order to receive US or Canadian diplomas, students enroll in online accredited high-school programs and PCIS teachers turn the online courses into face-to-face classes.  The programs currently used by PCIS students are:

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While the environment is casual and personal, the academic expectations at PCIS are high.  Students are expected to put school-related activities first and to strive for greatness in every course.  At PCIS, extra-credit assignments are required and all students are encouraged to take on the challenge of advanced courses.  

At the end of the 2012-13 school year, the overall grade-point average (GPA) at PCIS was 3.64!

High-school students not only successfully complete their academic online programs, but also a wide variety of offline activities.  These include:

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Right from the beginning of high school, PCIS students are looking ahead toward graduation.  They create graduation plans that reflect the requirements listed for their specific online school, college-admission requirements, their academic goals, and their individual interests.  

Students are guided through college-admissions processes. This includes the creation of e-portfolios, web pages designed to show all that a student has to offer a university. 

High School 2012-13

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