Everyone is an artist and just needs someone to guide the exploration of artistic expression.  All PCIS students participate in our art program. The focus of our program is creative expression and students are encouraged to explore aesthetics through a wide variety of sensory art experiences.  Students work individually and in small groups where the receive a lot of individual attention.  The program has three main components:


      • This year, students will participate in projects that reflect the themes of Human Rights, Extraterrestrial Visitors, and Weaving Worlds. Students will use crafting skills and recycled materials.  Finished projects will be presented to the community.
      • All students works in class and at home to fill a sketchbook that reflects their journey through various materials and methods culminating in a wonderful personal journal. These journals will be displayed at graduation. The emphasis this year is drawing, printing and collage.
      • Students learn about artists, styles, genres, schemes and art vocabulary. This year will revolve particularly around the concepts of surrealism, land art, sculpture, and design.

Art classes are fun yet messy so students should bring an old shirt to cover their clothes.  Students from Grade 5 to Grade 12 may have homework assignments throughout the year.  Students are graded in Art based on their effort and completion of tasks.

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